• me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
  • me today: i do. i need sleep.
  • me tonight: lol who needs sleep
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The Wolf Among Us

I go out there and I do my job. I put my life on the line, I get shot at! I do what has to be done, for them! But at the end of the day I’m still the bad guy.

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shift (drabble, asuma/kurenai)

A bitter winter chill nips at Asuma’s cheeks as he takes another drag from his cigarette, inhaling a smoky warmth that fills his lungs. Kurenai is shivering and warming her hands by the fire. They’re serving their shift on watch while they sit around the blazing campfire with dense snow crunching underneath their sandals.

“Th-those things are g-going to kill you,” she shoots him a glare while her teeth chatters from the cold.

“More like the field’s gonna be the death of me,” he nonchalantly breathes out the miasma of smoke.

Her crimson lips purse for a sharp moment before she snaps, “Don’t say that!”

“Didn’t know you cared,” Asuma smirks.

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Don’t ask me to explain this, because I have no idea what got into me. I just had the urge to draw naked people during a commission break, and… well, yeah.

From left to right: Eleanor Shepard and Kaidan Alenko; Nyreen Mahariel and Alistair Theirin; Marian Hawke and Fenris. In short, all my beloved, half naked, precious babies.

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Yer an apostate Harry, and you better come with us Templars now, where you’ll live in The Circle Tower for the rest of your life, otherwise we’ll kill you lmao.

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what if in krogan tradition, newborns are dropped on the ground and their potential strength is tested by how well they crack the floor

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