Bolin woke with a start and a yelp. His heart was racing and his hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat as he struggled to catch his breath. Just a nightmare. He was home in his own bed, Korra by his side…who, speaking of which, was now sitting up with a sleepy groan and regarding her husband blearily.

"Wha’ happened, Bo?" she yawned, brushing her hair out of her face. “‘s too early for noise…and yelling…"

"Sorry," he mumbled weakly, tugging up the blankets over his nose. "I just…had a really scary dream. You were in it, and Mako and Asami! And this scary girl was treating me really badly, but none of you cared when I tried to tell you about it. And then somehow I turned into this huge jerk who kisses people without their permission when they clearly don’t want to be kissed! And then-"

"Just a dream, Bo. None of that would ever happen. It’s like that dream I had last week, when everybody got stupid and sucked at everything except for Mako. And then there was this dumb love triangle thing…"

"I remember!" Bolin said brightly, rolling over to face her. "And somebody got amnesia too, right? No offense, but your dreams sound like they were written by the guy who does those lousy soaps on the radio."

That earned him a pillow in the face. “Like yours are any better! As if me and Mako and Asami wouldn’t care if you were in trouble! And you, a jerk? You’re a polar bear puppy.”

"I know…it just felt so real!"

Korra gave him a weary grin, and then leaned closer to press a kiss on the tip of his nose. “Go back to sleep, Bo. Forget about all that dumb stuff.”

"…can we snuggle? I think I’ll have better dreams if we snuggle."

A suspicious gust of wind suddenly blasted against Bolin’s back, sending him rolling into Korra’s arms. “Better?” she asked with a wicked little grin.

"Much. Thanks. Love you, my sweet platypusbear."

"Love you too, Bo. And never call me that again."

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An Avatar Parody - Mean Girls

How do I even begin to explain Asami Sato?

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I want more of them- in any form - just more of this relationship.

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Katara: When you get to be my age, you’ll be thankful for the time you have with your siblings.

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art trade with UGLYBANANAS~!!!

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