Nice guy Lucifer is the best meme


Oh man, get on my blog.

By far my favorite one here is “Not a character in the Bible / Still most interesting character in the Bible”. TRUTH.

This infinity.

Oh hey, this is on my dash again. I’ve written a rant about this before, but since I love it so much, I just might bring it back.

Nice Guy Lucifer. I can get behind it.

Is that blonde John Barrowman?

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“some historians think that michelangelo was drawing god in a human brain. very few people knew what one looked like at the time; but michelangelo had dissected cadavers and would have known. it even has the hint of a brain stem. if true this would have been a great “fuck you” to the pope whom he was not friendly with but also would have meant god was in a human brain, or created by man.”


also michelangelo painted a baby angel flipping off the pope


the blond one, you see his right hand? that’s called the fig and it’s an old world european gesture for ‘fuck you” because apparently Pope Juluis II was a total raging asshole and everyone hated him

but nobody ever noticed this little fucker because the ceiling was so high

and then thirty years later they called michelangelo back to paint the wall behind the altar and he wasted no time in painting the gates of hell behind the pope’s chair

what a badass

It amuses me to this day how much Michelangelo hated his job

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From my personal experience I have to confirm - this picture is true.


From my personal experience I have to confirm - this picture is true.

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I hate it when agnostics or atheists get all high-and-mighty when someone tells them they’re “praying for them.”

It doesn’t matter what you personally believe; it doesn’t matter if you don’t think the prayers will actually result in anything.  What matters is that someone obviously cares about you enough to include you in their list of their biggest concerns.

Because that’s what a prayer is, really.  A personal confession of one’s deepest feelings and concerns.  So if you are a part of someone’s, you should be flattered and grateful that they’re actually devoting time to think about you and your problems.  They’ve got their own problems to deal with, yet they’re setting aside time to ponder yours.

So the next time someone tells you “I’m praying for you” or “You’re in my prayers,” don’t be indignant and tell them that their God isn’t real or that it will do no good because God doesn’t care.

They’ve got a God to open up to, and you’ve got fellow humans to open up to. So don’t take this for granted.

While I wouldn’t be an asshole to a person that tells me they are praying for me, and I would likely not say anything back to them, I internally want them to understand that to me, it’s a way for them to feel like they’re doing something, when they’re not doing shit

If they do not know that I am an atheist, then I don’t mind so much, and that’s when I’d likely not say a word. However, if someone tells me they are praying for me, knowing well that I don’t believe in any deity or supernatural powers, then I find it annoying that they care to tell me they are praying. Ask me how I am doing instead- engage me in actual conversation. I’ll gain far more from that. Do something useful instead, and if prayer is all you can offer, keep it to yourself. You might as well throw healing crystals at me. I don’t need your superstition.

Of course, the reason for the prayer is significant here, too. If they’re praying for the salvation of my lost soul, it’s completely different. While it may be sincere, it’s insulting, especially if it’s being told to me. I’m not lost, I don’t need your god, so stop belittling me as some wayward immoral devil that needs a savior. Don’t fucking pity me. I am quite fine without god, and without having to hear that pious bullshit.

I would much rather accept anything in place of the prayer. A hug from someone that cares accomplishes far more than the prayer will, both in conveying meaning and having an actual affect on my well being.

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do atheists say oh my god

yep.  we say it any time we hear something that’s unbelievable.

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The “Reparative Therapy” Session You’ll Never See:  “Homophobia is a lifestyle choice. Just because you have bigoted urges, you don’t have to act on them. Through prayer, we can train it out of you.”


The “Reparative Therapy” Session You’ll Never See:  “Homophobia is a lifestyle choice. Just because you have bigoted urges, you don’t have to act on them. Through prayer, we can train it out of you.”

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Kiki Smith - Lilith, 1994 - Bronze, silicon, and glass.

“In medieval Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  When she demanded to be Adam’s equal, she was evicted from the Garden of Eden.  Lilith flew away to the demon world, replaced by the more submissive Eve.  Smith catches us off guard with Lilith’s pose and placement.  Most sculptures receive our gaze passively, but Lilith stares back with piercing brown eyes, ready to pounce.”

Holy crap.

Best piece ever.

Well. I just actually started back from my computer.

Circe should enjoy this.

I totally thought I posted this… but maybe it’s sitting in my queue!

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Way to go, Obama.

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